Clearing landmines is the essential first step in rebuilding lives after conflict. The fighting may be over but as long as landmines and explosives are in the ground, people in war-torn countries continue to live in fear. They can鈥檛 return home, let alone plant crops, fetch water or let their children walk to school.

We take such day-to-day activities for granted, but for the innocent victims of conflict, safe steps are too often a dream.

HALO works with local communities to make land safe so that confidence can be restored and life can begin again.


"I like to study, it is for my future. I would like to be a teacher when I am older. Having a new school here will motivate us, fewer children were starting to come to class but now we have our own school they are saying they want to come and learn."

Aurora, age 14, Angola

鈥淲e will be able to expand our plot by another hectare or two so we can grow a cash crop. With one more hectare we can make around 200 dollars per harvest, which would allow us to buy domestic products, and pay for school fees much more easily.鈥

Sadzurai Kamoyo, Zimbabwe

Sadzurai Kamoyo is mother to three sons. Until HALO cleared the landmines, her home village of Sadzabaya in Zimbabwe was trapped between two deadly minefields.聽

鈥淎fter 21 years away, we are very happy to be back on our own land, I met my husband in Intherapuram Village and my daughter and granddaughter were born here.鈥

Grandmother Nagaratnam, age 77, Sri Lanka

Grandmother Nagaratnam and her family were forced to flee their village during Sri Lanka鈥檚 civil war. Even when the fighting ended, the thousands of landmines left behind meant it was too dangerous to return. HALO's Sri Lankan deminers finished clearing part of the village and, 21 years after she left, Nagaratnam was finally able to come home.聽

Clear a landmine, save a life

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